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Random things!

  Saw Logan last night. Gutwrenching, but amazing, all the same. This film deserved all the kudos it has gotten. I've never been a Fox/X-Men fan(die-hard Marvel MCU stan, with Deadpool being the exception) but this one sold me. How the X-Men verse will proceed after this, I don't know, but this would certainly be a good finale for awhile.

In other news, we're getting snow, right at this moment. I expect it to melt by this afternoon, as the ground is warm, but winter is having its last gasp. It probably won't affect work tmrrw, but it is something to recall when the temperature is 90+ degrees. LOL

The Walking Dead

         The show had it's Season 7 premiere last night. One of the cast members described it, in an interview last week, as "beautifully terrible". And, it most certainly was. Not because of bad writing or acting(in fact, I've never seen the cast members give more realist, epic performances than that ep), but the plotline and content were some of the rawest and most gripping in the show's history. The aftershow, Talking Dead, was an hour and a half. All of the cast, with a few exceptions, were present. If you do watch the ep, try to find TD for afterwards. It definitely soothed my poor shattered heart. I do warn that the violence is extreme, but not as bad as has been reported today, if you've been a regular viewer of the show. 'shrugs'

         I won't give any spoilers(you'll find those everywhere else), but let me say that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was exquisite as Negan. I've never seen him play such a character, but he excelled as as this magnetic unknown villian. I cannot wait to see him in conflict with the Group as the new season progresses

Sep. 24th, 2016

  I read an article recently about fatigue and the seasons. One of the points was that fall causes you to feel more tired because of the change in daylight hours. Maybe that's why I'm so freaking exhausted all the time, IDK. Guess I'm going to have give myself a bedtime instead of when I just get it all done for the day. LOL

 In fun stuff, I've started watching American Horror Story:Roanoke. Let me tell you, Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett, and Cuba Jr. are outstanding. Two episodes in, and I'm as scared as they are. 'cackles' Glad that this was the theme this year, as vampires and blood soaked orgies(last season) really didn't appeal.  And, it kinda feels that this kicks off the Halloween season, one of my favorite times of the year.

  Luke Cage premieres Friday on Netflix. Can't wait to find out more about Luke's backstory and the beginning of his establishment as a Defender. I know that Rosario is coming back as Nurse Claire, and Alfre Woodward is slated to appear. I wonder if she will reprise her role as the grieving mother, who happens to be a Justice Dept. staff, from Civil War. That would be a nice little easter egg, as Luke is supposed to appear in Infinity War in some capacity. 'sideyes MCU' :)


       It seems that I'm always late the party for everything, even vacation. For example, the SO and I are doing the annual vaca next week. Everyone we know or work with has already done that over the summer. (Thing is, I hate the summer crowds so we wait til they're all gone, no matter my destination). At any rate, we're looking forward to getting out of town and a few days off of work.

     Civil War will be released on the 5th, but it was already featured on Itunes. So, ofc, all the features are online now. Remember the old days when we were all surprised by the gag reel/BTS stuff, etc. when we bought the disc? LOL I'm soooo old! :O

     Saw today where Netflix will be bringing Stranger Things back for a second season in 2017. If you haven't seen this series, watch it now. You will not be disappointed. Luke Cage will be premiering on 9/10, I think, and Claire Temple, from Daredevil and Jessica Jones, will be in a few eps. The trailers for Luke look really good, so this Marvel fan will definitly be watching. Also, according to news at SDCC, Luke and Iron Fist will lead into The Defender, which lead into Infinity Wars.  Yes, I'm watching Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans very carefully for signs of 2 a.m. protein fests and clean shaven faces.  I've heard whispers of IW production in December, so the Stucky may be with us again soon. :)

Suicide Squad

   I saw the film Thursday night, and well, I was just kinda "meh" about it. Now, I don't think it was quite the mess that the critics touted it to be, but it definitely wasn't outstanding. Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, and Will Smith were beyond amazing in their respective roles, but everyone else just fell kinda flat. The last hour was probably the best. As for the Joker, I sincerely hope that Jared Leto is on a sabbatical to Antartica or something and is unable to film the sequel bc he was just awful, nails on chalkboard awful.

  Maybe I'm biased and spoiled, as a Marvel fan. Most of their films follow a set pattern, with resolution at the end. Also, Civil War was rich in character development and introduction. SS, not so much. Some article say that Suicide Squad was shortchanged by Batman vs Superman. IDK, as I haven't seen that film and really have no desire to. I will watch Wonder Woman and will have to decide about the Justice League project.  Guess my loyalties to the MCU run a little too deep. 'sigh'

Civil War

          I have two tix in my possession for Cap 3, at our local mom n pop cinema, tomorrow night. I seriously cannot wait. 'bouces excitedly' And, I took Friday off from work. 'Cuz you know I will probably be incoherant afterwards. LOL

        FYI, if you don't see the movie for a few days, don't worry about spoilers. I'm not even going to post a reaction, as I'm so disgusted by the level of inconsideration of others who've seen it already. Why these people couldn't post this stuff privately, I'll never know. But, I guess that shows the level of maturity when it comes to some fans. 'sighs'


  Haven't posted much, as RL continues to get drearier and drearier. 'sigh'

  I'm still waiting to see Civil War, as the press tour has begun in earnest. Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan have been bringing the pretty with their respective photo spreads. Foreign release dates have been announced, as well as cast appearances. Stateside, Chris is supposed to have a new CW clip at the MTV movie awards(might have to miss the Fear the Walking Dead premiere that night), and the Team Cap cast will be on Jimmy Kimmel the following night. So, the wait is almost over. :)

 I did not see Batman vs Superman. I may if I can find a decent copy on the Net or just wait and Red Box it. Most of the ppl on here, Tumblr, and Twitter were unanimous in saying that Diana stole the show and the rest was just plain boring. So I can wait. I remember that I was excited about Fantastic Four, which was pannned by everyone, critics and fans alike. I finally watched it last month and totally agree.

Finally, The Walking Dead wraps up tomorrow night with a 90 minute show. Basically, Negan's coming, and he will change the group forever. If you read the comics or couldn't avoid  spoilers this week, you know that death will happen, courtesy of Lucille. I have not listened to the leaked audio clip that AMC is freaking out over, but I read an alleged transcipt. (If you look hard enough, there may be a copy floating somewhere, as nothing truly disappears from the Internet). You really don't know who it will be, but the dialogue was gut wrenching to read. I'm very anxious about this episode. I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan, his voice and old Hollywood looks. But, this might be a little bit more than I bargained for. LOL

Team Cap!!!!!!

Well, this was a life ruiner.  Watched it 2X already in two hours. 'sigh' One last thing, not digging Spider Fetus, at all. I can forgive Tony or the others for taking that shield but not this kid.  Nope!


Civil War stuff

 New article out today, from Comicbook.com. Seems that viewers of early screenings of CACW are raving about the film, praising the continuity from the The Winter Soldier til now,  Spidey's intro, the fast pace action etc. But, then the article goes on to say that the third act of the movie is like an "emotional horror movie".  WTF???!!! As much as I desperately want to to see CW, it's things like this gives me so much anxiety. 'sigh'

Random fannish things

 I watched the X-Files finale last night. And, after a pretty good buildup over the last few eps, I was kinda underwhelmed and bored. I won't drop any spoilers but it just didn't feel like a finale but more of a Part 1 type ep. 'sigh'

As for shows that didn't disappoint, The Walking Dead hit it out of the freaking park Sunday night. I'm sure if you've been on Twitter or Tumblr, you're spoiled as hell, but it was an amazing ep. Not just for shippers, but everyday fans of the show.would enjoy it too. I feel like this ep was just a respite though, as Neegan looms in the future.

Lots of Civil War goodies are dropping, as the press tour begins today. The cast is supposed to be on ET tonight, with a rumored trailer. Also, the April Empire issue is full of stills, interviews, and vague details that are guaranteed to thrill and plague Cap/Marvel fans til May.